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The Proarms Podcast – Interview with Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli

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The Proarms Podcast

The interview is episode 066

If you are a woman, care about a woman, or are a man, you need to listen to this podcast. If there is a special woman in your life, a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or sweetie, she needs to listen too.

Read up just a little on Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli.

Women are genetically predisposed to be physically weaker than men. They are not genetically predisposed to be more vulnerable than men. Physical strength is certainly a factor in assessing one’s vulnerability but it is hardly the final one. The final factor is the mind.

I would like to write at length about this. I would like to explain why a woman’s typically smaller physical stature does not automatically make her a victim. I would like to discuss some of the options available and good ways for women to maximize them. In light of this excellent interview with Mrs. Casillas-Tortorelli such writing would be redundant. She speaks eloquently and with far greater authority than I could. Her drive is obvious but it is striking how she has accomplished so much without sacrificing, or apologizing for, being a woman.

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