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Personal Instruction

Class length:
Usually 1-2 hours at a time
Class price:
$50 p/ hour plus expenses

Personal instruction let’s you focus on developing skills specific to where you are as a shooter. You get the instructor’s undivided attention. There are no other students around to distract you or to feel self-conscious in front of. These are good opportunities to build specific strengths in your shooting. This is also a great option if you are thinking about getting a gun. You can test different models and calibers of guns. At the end of instruction you will be confident that you will be safe when you are handling your new gun.

Personal instruction is often a part of a consulting package where you learn the skills to implement a security plan.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Advanced Applications
  • Anything the shooter wants to work on.

What you'll need for the class:

  • A clear understanding of what you want from the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expenses are all the consumables. These include but are not limited to:
  • Targets
  • Ammunition (Must be purchased at range when indoors)
  • Range Fees $10-$40
  • Gun Rental Fees (If you are trying different guns)
Anything that it takes to get you shooting that you don't bring with you. You will have a clear understanding of what the expenses will be prior to instruction.
What type of clothing should I wear?
Your clothing should be comfortable and functional. Keep in mind that normal clothing belts will not hold up during an intensive pistol course. Classes are held regardless of weather! Many shooting positions involve you lying on the ground.